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The Five Pillars of Community Protection

As a law enforcement professional, I have always served and led deputies in handling the day-to-day incidents that make up routine police work.  

Having over two decades of close-to-the-ground experience has taught me that most illegal activity is 90% preventable once the right prevention programs and systems are in place. Crime prevention is a “win-win” for our communities and for the officers who protect and serve. An emphasis on prevention before response prioritizes the humanity and dignity of all of the residents and visitors to our county.  

If I become your Sheriff, I will build Five Pillars of Prevention to secure our streets and fairways, schools, businesses, places of worship and our homes. These Five Pillars are Mental Health Training, Anti-Bullying Programs, First Responder Technology, Senior Citizen Protection and Fiscal Responsibility.

Pillar 1: Mental Health Training

As your Sheriff, I will lead Broward law enforcement in running programs that teach officers to recognize behaviors associated with mental health disorders, then act fairly to diffuse potential conflicts unique to these situations. The goal would be to work with mental health professionals and trained first responders to take early action to prevent wrong-doing. This will be done without, as much as possible, criminalizing the individuals involved. Once the incidents are resolved, the focus will be to direct individuals with mental health conditions to organizations where they can get the help they need to stay out of trouble, manage their conditions and contribute economically. The result would be a safer, more productive Broward County.

 Pillar 2: Anti-Bullying Programs

As your Sheriff, I will lead Broward law enforcement in taking the stance that every juvenile infraction is preventable. By establishing prevention programs at grassroots levels around the community together, we can reduce juvenile infractions by a significant percentage. Partnering with local religious, cultural, ethnic and LGBTQ-IA communities to integrate Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) personnel, local adult leadership and local youth via grassroots programs. These programs will provide alternatives to gang activity, hate crimes and bullying. Because fewer youth will enter adulthood with a stint in the Juvenile Correction system, the results would be a safer and more productive future for Broward County.

Pillar 3: First Responder Technology

I know that, as a practical reality, today’s first responders need state-of-the-art technology to do their jobs. If I become your Sheriff, we will upgrade current on-the-ground technology to make crime prevention easier and improve incident response times and incident response effectiveness. Incident prevention, first responders on the scene early and highly effective interventions in emergency situations mean more lives saved and fewer grieving families in Broward County.  

Pillar 4:  Senior Citizen Protection

Senior Citizens deserve our respect and need our protection. As your Sheriff, I will prioritize programs that ensure that senior communities are effectively policed by a dedicated Senior Citizens Protection Unit (SCPU). The SCPU will prevent, intercept and investigate elderly abuse, and identity theft and other crimes perpetrated against Broward County’s Senior Citizens. We’ll make sure that seniors will have instant access to contacting the unit, and we will ensure that the unit’s numbers allow for one-on-one interactions whenever required.

 “As a practical reality, today’s first responders need state-of-the-art technology to do their jobs.” 

Pillar 5: Fiscal Responsibility

As a professional law enforcement body, the Broward Sheriff’s Office has a duty to protect and safeguard on the streets. We also have a fiscal duty to do well by the County’s taxpayers. As your Sheriff, I will make Fiscal Responsibility one of my Five Pillars of Prevention by:

  • Ensuring tax payer’s dollars are spent only on job positions that add real value to our mission to protect and serve.
  • Ensuring tax payer’s dollars help our community by supporting local business owners as our vendors
  • Saying no to pay-to-play special interests, corporations and others who seek to corrupt our mission to protect and serve you, the residents of Broward

As your Sheriff, I will be committed to protecting, preserving and safeguarding your rights through impartial and courteous law enforcement services. Through integrity and professionalism and in honest partnership with our community, we shall ensure the public’s safety and trust and provide quality service to all our residents and visitors.

“Believe in Better. Believe in Broward”

Santiago Vazquez for Broward Sheriff 2020