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As your Sheriff I Will Bring Accountability, Transparency and Hired Mental Health Professionals


Broward County Sheriff candidate Santiago Vazquez calls for the formation of a new task force to reduce instances of police brutality.

These Police Officer should be charged for murder.

Memorial Day. Thank you for all who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. Thank you.

Santiago Vazquez BSO2020 on why you should vote for him. Broward County Sheriff Office. Enough is Enough. Voting Right. The Broward Sheriff’s Office has had numerous controversy with recent sheriff’s. Broward needs a new sheriff like Santiago Vazquez. The Broward Sheriff lost creditably and the Broward County citizens have lost their faith on the leadership of the agency.

HISPAC Endorses Santiago Vazquez for Broward County Sheriff

Santiago Vazquez has received the coveted support of an important part of Broward’s influential Hispanic community. Yesterday the Hispanic Political Action Committee (HISPAC) officially endorsed Vazquez as its choice for the next Sheriff of Broward County. Click here to view the letter of endorsement written by HISPAC spokesperson, Daniel Lustig, Esq. (Text in Spanish))

My Promise to Our Community

“We, the members of this community, deserve a sheriff who brings everyone together under his leadership with integrity and accountability; hearing the diverse voices of Broward County. The Office of the Sheriff cannot be denigrated by scandal, questions of integrity and negative associations. Your next sheriff must lead by example. I have served honorably over […]

Issuu ( Legacy South Florida 2020 Election Issue

To protect black communities from excessive police violence. I proposed forming  Community Awareness Response Team (CART), a non-police task that visits questionable interaction involving police. CART will be made up of local representatives from third party organizations including members of the community and civil rights advocates groups like the ACLU. CART can be summoned on-scene […]