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My Promise to Our Community

“We, the members of this community, deserve a sheriff who brings everyone together under his leadership with integrity and accountability; hearing the diverse voices of Broward County. The Office of the Sheriff cannot be denigrated by scandal, questions of integrity and negative associations. Your next sheriff must lead by example. I have served honorably over 23 years in the community as a sergeant of the BSO and an active-duty soldier in the US Army with combat experience. I am honored to have been awarded the Gold Cross for my actions putting my life in jeopardy to protect the lives of citizens and my fellow Broward County Sheriff’s deputies. I am ready to lead the Broward Sheriff’s Office into positive change from day one.

I, along with the department, will be accountable to every citizen of the county. I will implement changes including independent oversight, the CART program, improved training for deputies, better allocations of the budget, regular mental health evaluations of deputies and offers and other steps to improve the image of law enforcement in our county.  I, unlike others in this election, am not owned by special interest groups or big donors, affected by questionable integrity or actions that would disqualify citizens from most types of employment. I am compelled to speak out about these candidates’ unfortunate lapses of integrity because as sheriff, I must not only speak against injustice but must act out against it.  I am and will be accountable to you, the citizens whom I am proud to serve.  As Sheriff, I will give you a department to be proud of and a department you can trust in and utilize as a resource for a better Broward County. Together we will make our community a safe and protected environment for our elderly, children, minorities, LGBTQ residents, and all citizens. I want a sheriff’s office that inspires confidence and not fear, that saves lives rather than takes lives. I am proud to be your Democratic candidate for a positive change to law enforcement for Broward County.”

Santiago Vazquez