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Better Policing From the Grassroots Up

Better Policing – When I become your Sheriff, I will serve and protect all of Broward’s residents, businesses and visitors. In our campaign, we like to say “better-policing starts with awareness” and, for us, that awareness starts at the grassroots of the community.  

Awareness also goes both ways. It’s the communities’ awareness of the efforts we will be making daily at Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) to serve with respect, honor and effectiveness. It’s also the BSO’s awareness of the communities and their needs. 

Here are specific ways in which BSO under my leadership will work closely with Broward’s grassroots:

1. Community Support Officers

BSO will assign Community Support Officers (CSOs) as community liaisons to serve as ambassadors to and from each of Broward’s major ethnic, linguistic, religious, gender and orientation-based communities. CSOs will make policing both more effective and more respectful by establishing meaningful links to the county’s sizable minority communities.

2. Recruiting From Broward’s Community Tapestry

There is a high level of ownership and understanding that comes from increased deputy presence in our communities by deputies from our communities. That’s why, when I become your Sheriff, the Broward Sheriff’s Office will actively recruit first responders from among all of the county’s communities. The result will be deputies, paramedics and fire personnel who serve in the communities in which they were raised. This, in turn, fosters greater understanding and effectiveness in preventing crime and responding to incidents in a way that best protects our residents and visitors.  

3. Partnering with Broward’s Small Businesses

Broward County is home to thousands of exceptional small and medium-sized businesses. As your Sheriff, I will see to it that local businesses have an advantage over outside businesses when bidding for BSO contracts. County businesses contribute to our prosperity and make Broward a better place to live and work. I believe we owe it to our business owners and their employees to use local tax dollars to support our local businesses. My commitment to support Broward’s small and medium-sized businesses is the reason why I have earned the endorsements of the Broward Chamber of Commerce, South Florida Business News and the South Florida Chamber of Commerce.

“Community Support Officers (CSOs) will make policing both more effective and more respectful …”

4. Protecting the Elderly

Senior Citizens deserve our respect and need our protection. Under my leadership as your Sheriff, we will have a dedicated Senior Citizens Protection Unit (SCPU). The SCPU will prevent, intercept and investigate elderly abuse, and identity theft and other crimes perpetrated against Broward County’s Senior Citizens. We’ll make sure that seniors will have instant 24/7/365 access to the SCPU, and we will ensure that the unit’s numbers allow for one-on-one interactions whenever required.

5. Reinstating Broward’s Gun Unit and Hate Crimes Unit

As your Sheriff, I will bring back the gun unit and hate crimes unit as a stand-alone entity and deploy an educational program that seeks to prevent hate crimes through education. 

Mutual understanding through education leads to prevention, which is the first line of defense against hate crimes. If crimes against selective members of our community do occur, BSO will act swiftly to bring those who sow division and hatred to justice.

The people of Broward County deserve a Sheriff who focuses on service to the grassroots of each community. Broward is a rich collection of cultures, religions, languages, incomes, orientations and political views. The county includes individuals and small businesses with widely different interests. As your Sheriff, I will serve and protect them all.